School Rules for Students and Parents

The Lords' International School believes in providing a healthy, happy and positive environment for students and parents / guardians. The student's welfare is of primary importance although academic achievement is monitored too.

It is essential we adhere to the school rules and regulations. For these reasons, we ask students and parents/guardians to respect the following at all times.

Rules for Students while in School Premises:

  1. In order to achieve the maximum results within the limited teaching time, all students are asked to respect the common rules operating in classrooms, respect teacher and finish home work on time to highest possible standard.
  2. Look after all school property such as desks, chairs, white boards and all other items in the classroom.
  3. The School premises is a quiet environment during lesson time. Do not run and shout at any time.
  4. We suggest students bring their own water bottle. No junk food and chewing gum is allowed in school.
  5. Students spend their time outside of class time in agreed areas. Please follow the duty teacher's instructions.

Rules for Parents/Guardians:

Parent/Guardian have the responsibility to carefully explain the School Rules to their children in order to facilitate understanding and show their accord with the educational team.

Students must have consistent information from the group of adults surrounding them.

  • Parents explain the rules to their child - in particular the notion of "respect".
  • Parents cooperate with the school in the event of disrespect by their child of the school rules.
  • Each day parents give their child a well-balanced snack.
  • Parents ensure a good study environment at home in the evenings.
  • Parents bring their child to school on time.
1. We believe both the school and the parents/guardians are responsible for the children's education. A close working relationship between the parents and school ensures the best outcome of children's education and welfare. We, therefore, ask parents not to hesitate to forward any suggestions that you have.

2. We encourage parents/guardians to discuss each student's progress as and when there is any concern. A face to face discussion with the class teacher is always welcome. We are here to help our youngsters to enjoy and learn.

3. Parents/guardians who are responsible for picking up a child need to produce the bearer card supplied by the school. If the person who usually picks up the child is not able to come, please inform the class teacher in advance. Otherwise the child may not be allowed to leave the school, until proper arrangements are been made by the parent/guardian. Help us keep the children safe.

4. Please pick up the student on time. If parents/guardians cannot reach the school on time, please telephone the school landline number to inform the school.

5. Parents/guardians are only allowed to stay on, in the school premises with the Principal's permission.


  • Tuesday and Friday are homework days.
  • Howework given on Tuesday should be completed and submitted on Friday.
  • Homework given on Friday should be completed and submitted on Tuesday.
  • Homeworks should be returned on the scheduled day. There will be marks for homework which will be added to the students' grades.
  • No late homeworks will be accepted without prior consultation with the teacher. The teacher may grant extensions at her discretion.
  • Homework must be legible or it will be returned to you to be rewritten. If a second homework is found to be illegible it will also be returned, and there will be no marks added in the grades.
If there is anything you would need to clarify, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes for your child's education.

E-Mail: administrator@lordsinternationalschool.com