British Council International School Award (ISA)

Project 1 – The Living Mammoth

As part of the ISA Project ‘ The living Mammoth “ We invited special guests from Nigeria to facilitate exchange of views about African elephants and Asian elephants.

The special guests from Nigeria Mr Okafor and Miss Jessica dressed in their traditional attire shared a variety of information about Nigeria -its culture ,religion, population ,food styles and also interesting attributes of African elephants.

Mr Okafor recalled his encounter with elephants when he was just twelve years and quipped that African elephants’ ears are shaped like Africa’s map whereas Indian elephants’ ears resemble India’s map.

The International guests were entertained with variety of dances by Lords’ students and the overwhelmed guests surprised the children with Traditional dance moves of Nigeria.


The Students of The Lords' International School took part in “It is a small world after all “ISA Project.

As part of the project, the students from Grade 3 and 4 exchanged Christmas green cards with their partner schools in Greenwich U.K and also posted handmade Christmas cards to Virginia U.S.A. The students of Lords ' were extremely delighted to receive lovely creative christmas cards from the Children of OCBC Avon dale, New zealand.

The children marked the itinerary route of their Christmas cards on the World map. This project "It is a small world after all” fosters global friendship among partner schools, goodwill between students of different countries and also enriches students' knowledge in Geography, ICT and language skills.

Project 3 - How Green is my school ?

The students made junk art utilising paper cups ,pepsi bottles ,cans bottle lids, C.D’S , aluminium foil ,wire etc. The children made eco friendly handbags with paper and junk materials .Pictures of the junk art made by the Lords’ International School were exchanged with the Charlton Manor Primary School Greenwich, U.K. The junk art made by Charlton Manor Primary School were elaborate .The students had used materials like leaves ,stones ,old tiles ,pine cones ,yogurt pots, twigs ,pebble, shoe box ,paper cones and pipe cleaners to make it .They looked very innovative and creative.

The ethos of the eco club of the partner school well presented in The Charlton Manor Primary School web site was shared with students of The Lords’ International School. The secret Garden, wild life pond, gardening and bee keeping by staffs and students were well received by the staff and students of The Lords’ International School.

As part of The Lords' Eco Club activities, the students went on a field trip to the M.S. Swaminathan Research foundation to understand the methods on improving the yield.

Students were introduced to methods of improving cultivation, and points on planting mangrove trees on coastal areas to protect people from natural calamities were discussed.

One of the major achievements, of the research is the development of salt resistant paddy. Our students were honoured with the presence of the father of green revolution Mr M.S.Swaminathan, who spent a few minutes with them.

Project 4 - Celestial Mania

‘Celestial Mania ‘activities were phased out from November 2014 to February 2015.

The students of Lords’ and its link up school- Bluestone Middle School, Virginia United States, explored the waxing and waning of the moon by observing the night sky.

The students also did research work on myths about the moon in different cultures and showcased their artistic talents in making posters depicting Pilipino, Japanese, Maori, Greek, African, Roman and Indian mythology about the moon phases.

The students also exchanged creative writings, short stories and poems about the moon with their partner School in U.S. The students of Lords’ School enacted a skit to share the knowledge they acquired about moon facts, in the School assembly to dispel popular superstitions and myths about the moon.

The Celestial mania Project also involved a comparative study of daylight time in U.S and India. The students exchanged sunrise, sunset and daytime temperature recordings for an earmarked period with their partner School and were practically amazed to know that the Geographical positions of India and U.S contributed to different day lengths and temperatures.

Project 5 - Through the Lens

This project provided opportunity to explore the academic curriculum, the school schedules, class room routine and cultural differences between the partner schools. As a part of activity1 photos of everyday life of students in Lords’ International School and partner School Bluestone Middle School in Virginia U.S. were exchanged between the Schools.

The students of both the Schools were surprised and quite interested about the different experiences in each other are School and hence raised several interesting and thought provoking questions. The students enjoyed answering the questions raised by the Partner Schools and learnt more about everyday life in the partner Schools in U.S and India.

The students of The Lords’ International School and Blue stone middle School exchanged photos of what each student can see from the classroom window .The students added a description of the view through the classroom and exchanged it with their partner School in U.S. The students were impressed with the different scenic experiences through the class window and the location of the partner school. The pictures were displayed in the smart board and students had a discussion of the cultural differences in the two countries. The children learnt to use technology with real audience and also vocabulary in language learning.

Project 6 – Women Achievers

Women achievers’ project involved students from Grade 7 to Grade 9. They were divided into 5 groups and each group had a leader. Each Group chose a women achievers who impressed them most ,then the student where given an assignment which involved a study of their chosen women personality their school lives ,lives at home and their aspirations.

The Personality Chosen were Mrs. Indira Gandhi,Mrs. Benazir Bhutto,Mrs .Hillaray Clinton,Mrs. Margret thatcher, Mrs. Julia Gillards. The Student Presentation from The Lords International School was exchanged with the partnering school in United States The Blue MiddleStone School,Boston,USA.The Partnering School student presentation was equally interesting, the personality presented by the partnering school are Betsy Ross, presented by 7 th Graders faith Hamilton and Nicholas White at BMS. The presentation on Amelia EarHart was presented by seventh Grader Jerry Simon, the paper entitled ‘Rosa park’s lasting legacy ‘ was written by seventh graders Davontre Boyd and Kyleah Walls at BMS. Rosie the Riverter an American cultural icon bio-graphical Sketch was done by seventh Graders Natalia Ariona and Autumn Keats. Maya Angelou’s Life an inspirational figure was written by Queyani Syder, Jordan Thomas and Jahzeia Pariss at BMS.The students and staffs from both the schools were excited about the exchange of ideas on the project. We arranged a day in which the students could read and discuss the paper presentation from the partnering schools. So the students understood the achievements and contribution of women in various aspects of their country’s development.

“Student Panel Discussion” on “Girl Teen Icons” was organised to identify and to be motivated by women achievers all over the world. Research work was done by the students from Grade 7 to Grade 9 as part of the ISA project on women achievers. The students spoke about the achievements of teen icons from various countries across the globe. It included popular sports personality, pop stars, movie stars etc.

Project 7 – Food Fiesta

This project provided opportunity to explore factors about food taste of three Countries and understand similarities and differences in issues that affect culture and eating style of people.

As a part of activity1 students collected recipes of exotic dishes of three countries India, Pakistan and U.K. were sent to our Partner School Charlton Manor .They in turn sent us interesting cooking activities from the U.K. Charlton Manor Kitchen along with recipes and photos.PPT of Festival Indian food was sent to Charlton Manor School and to Agha Khan Diamond Jubilee School, Pakistan.

As part of the Food fiesta ISA project, we organised the international fusion cooking event.

Our students invented creative fusion cooking recipes by choosing popular food item from the west like pasta, pizza and burger and merging them with Indian food style.

The result was fabulous food recipes like Idli cocktail, panniyaram, pasta,vada pickleburger and uthappam pizza.

The students were encouraged and guided by Mr. Laurel an upcomingfast food entrepreneur.

The food fiesta project allows students to explore facts about food and taste of other Countries, to understand similarities and differences in issues that affect culture and nutrition standards of the people and compare it with food across the Countries.

The Lords’ International School has interesting partnership exchange with its link up School in Greenwich U.K.

As part of the project, the students exchange their cooking recipes with the students of Charlton manor U.K. to pave the way for Globalism into the classroom.