Health Care


If your child has any special health needs or problems this should be communicated to the school office or the class teacher. This information can be very important to a successful experience in school. Examples of such needs are as follows:
  • Bee Sting Allergy.
  • Allergy to another substance.
  • Difficulty with vision, hearing or speech.
  • Need for medication during the school day.
Administration of medications, especially short term, should be done at home whenever possible. However, if a student is required to take prescription or non-prescription medication during the school day, the following guidelines must be met:

Any medication to be administered must be brought to school in a pharmacy-labeled container which includes the child's full name, name of drug and dosage, time and quantity to be given, and the physician's name. It is REQUIRED that parents deliver medication and inform school personnel regarding the administration of it in the school setting.

Students may not transport medicines:

For the health and safety of students, no student will be allowed to transport any medicine (prescription or non-prescription) to school or to return the medicine home. Parents or guardians must deliver the medicine to the school clinic or office. They must pick up any remaining medicine from the clinic or office. We will ensure the medicine is promptly locked in a secure location and is not left on a desk or counter. We will count and record the number of pills upon receipt. A daily record of all medication dispensed is kept in the office.

For the welfare of all, please do not send a child who is not feeling well to school.

The circumstances when children should not be in school:

Children should not be in school with a fever and should be kept home until 24 hours after it subsides.

A child who has vomited during the night should be not be sent to school the next morning unless you are sure he or she is well. Signs of contagious disease such as madras eye etc.

Lice: Until treated or nit free.

Chicken pox: 7-10 days until all scab areas are dry. Any time your child show signs of illness that may be passed to other children. Please report all communicable diseases to the school office.

Communicable diseases include:

Chicken pox, madras eye, cold, flu, measles, mumps, whooping cough, ring worm, etc.,

If your child is ill with a communicable disease, please notify the class teacher/ school office immediately. We strongly urge you to make a morning inspection of your child before sending him or her to school.

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