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Bluestone Middle School - The Lord’s International School of India

Collaboration Project

Starting in November, several students from Miss Hall’s class worked on a project collaborating with The Lord’s International School of India. The students were comparing the Moon Phases in America to the Moon Phases in India. The students completed a calendar of sketches of the moon as well as researching their favorite Moon Myth. They enjoyed comparing the differences and similarities of the two.

In January, the students completed a table chart to compare the sunrise, sunset, average temperature, and duration of the day with India. The students compared the data of India to find that India’s daylight is longer than our daylight here. The temperatures are also different. While we have winter here right now with 40 degree temperatures, India is having spring temperatures of 70 degrees (in Fahrenheit).

We all really enjoyed collaborating with India! The students enjoyed receiving Christmas Cards from the students at The Lord’s International School. The BMS students enjoyed making Christmas Cards for them as well! I would like to thank the students and collaborators for working so hard on the project – even when time was of the essence.

Mr. Nicholas Baker with his grade 7 students
7th Grade US History Teacher 1865-Present
Bluestone Middle School

-Miss Katlyn Hall
Bluestone Middle School – Sixth Grade Teacher