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John Grade 2
Dona Grade 1
Dona Grade 1


Butterfly will fly but butter cannot fly,
A kitten can run but a mitten cannot run,
A fish can swim but a dish cannot swim,
A gun can shoot but a bun cannot shoot.
Arya [Grade 2]


In school they are writing conjunction
In hospital they are putting injection

A man can change into a clown
and bring laughter to all who frown.
John [Grade 2]

Recepie corner:

How to make tea?

1. Tea powder
2. Water
3. Sugar
4. Milk

1. Take a clean vessel.
2. Pour one cup of water into the vessel and add 2 spoon of sugar and 1 spoon of tea powder.
3. Boil them until the water turns dark.
4. Filter the tea and pour the tea into the cup.
5. Tea is ready and add milk to taste.
Apple [Grade -1]

My Baby Brother:

My baby brother sleeps always.
My baby brother talks to me but I don't know what he talk to me but he is cute when he talks.
He wants to walk.
I like my baby brother very much.
I am thinking my baby brother is a gift for me.
Thank you God for giving me a nice baby brother.
My baby brother is a lovely kid.
Adnan [Grade 2]