About Us

The Lords' International School is unique when compared to any other schools around the city. It stands out with the determination to think up and implement new ideas.

Message from the Governing Board

Mrs.Chandra Munu Aadhi, the Managing Trustee of the Lords' International School, believes that a school should provide conditions in which children achieve their fullest intellectual, emotional, moral, social, aesthetic, physical and cultural growth.

Mr.A.Kumaraguru, the Chairman of the Lords' International School, an all rounder of his time is a lawyer by profession, believes that success breeds success, teaching must be structured to guarantee success for every pupil. According to him, accomplishing this requires consistency, continuity, and enthusiasm from kindergarten through high school.

Mrs.Manjula Kumaraguru, Director and Principal of The Lords' International School is an educationist with an International Diploma from the University of Cambridge believes that intelligence and experience determine the extent to which pupils can learn. Therefore, she focuses on effective teaching in which teachers have as much knowledge as possible of each pupil's academic, social, cultural, religious, physical, and emotional background. She says, "We build this on strong, supportive relationships afforded by small classes and a safe environment, by which we advance each student's personal and academic growth." Our mission is to educate students for success in secondary education and beyond, and to foster kindness, respect, and integrity within a safe and nurturing environment.

Lifelong Learning

We are committed to equipping all children as enthusiastic learners; family learning sessions aim to make the learning experience a shared one; continuous professional development for all staff ensures teaching remains fresh and relevant opportunities. We offer a broad and extended curriculum enriched with visits, visitors, partnerships with other schools and communities both locally and in other countries.


We focus our attention on each individual and work through shared under-standings and a common ethos of support.

Enriching Environment

We are a well resourced school and we enrich the learning experience of each child through our involvement in innovative initiatives and the links we develop.

Lively Lessons

Lessons are a dynamic process engaging children in an environment and activities which appeal to all learning styles; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic. We are equipped with the latest technologies and use these to enhance children's learning - and enjoyment of the learning experience.


We respect and praise each individual success, academic or otherwise and our successes as a school community.

Caring Community

We have a shared sense of respect and personal values as a school community and support each other and respond to the needs of others.


We share a drive, as a school community, for the best possible achievement for all children and share a commitment to make Lords International School the best in all it does.

E-Mail: principal@lordsinternationalschool.com